Phone socks, the customised mobile phone protection

Frequently asked questions

Can you produce phone socks with my own logo?

Yes, up from 1000 pcs we can produce phone socks with your own company or clublogo woven on both sides.

Which colors can I choose for my phone socks?

We can produce phone socks in many colors and also for your logo or text we have many colors available.

What is the minimum quantity I must order?

Phone socks are produced up from 1000 pcs with your own logo.

What is the cost for customised phone socks?

Please contact our sales department to receive a pricelist. We reply within 8 hours to your mail.

Can I order less than 1000 pcs?

The minimum order quantity is 1000pcs. We do not produce phone socks for smaller quantities.

Can I choose the size of the phone socks?

The standard size is 11 x 6 cm, but we can produce other sizes if required.

Up to how many colors can you customise the phone socks?

We can produce phone socks with a 4 colors logo + background colour.

Where should I contact you to place an order ?

We have confirmed distributors everywhere in the world. Please contact us and we'll ask your local distributor to contact you.

How can I get a sample to see your quality ?

Please refer to our sample policy