Phone socks, the customised mobile phone protection

A few success stories about phonesocks

phone socksOn this page you can see a few examples of companies using succesfully the phonesocks for their promotion or in their shops.

The Phonesock as fundraiser

phone socksA highschool in France, Lyon sold phone-socks as fundraiser. They sold each mobile sock with an important benefit.

People who gave money showed in daily life their support to the highschool as the logo was woven on the phonesock.

The phonesock for sport supporters

phone socks Sport club fan shops sell successfully the Mobile phone socks with the club logo. Supporters of the club are proud to show the logo of their favorite sportclub.


And during sport events the phone sock is a good protection for the precious cell phone.

Phonesocks as invitation card for tradeshows

phone socks

To promote traffic at its booth, an exhibitor in Barcelona sent invitations to tradeshow registrants.

The company logo and Booth number were woven on the phone socks. Many registrants came to the booth with the phone sock In their hand.

Inpack promotions with phonesocks

A major Cell phone manufacturer packed a phone sock with each new cell phone. It created enforced brand awareness as the clients protected their brand new phone with the phone sock.

Phone socks in souvenir shops

Phone socks

Phone socks are sold in many souvenir shops in Paris with a woven image of the Eiffel tour.

The phone socks can be delivered with a printed header card and polybag if required.

Phone socks as tradeshow giveaway

A major cell phone company distributed phone socks with the logo at the CEBIT 2006 in Hannover.

This created brand awareness on a promotional product really related to their own products, cellphones.